The Glory Days Racing Team had its beginnings many years before Gene even had a license to drive. It began when the curved sections of track from his slot car track were tossed aside in favor of "racing action" on a scaled down 1/4 mile dragstrip in the living room. Phil Bonner, Sox & Martin, Dyno Don, Dave Lyall, Gas Rhonda, Arnie Beswick, Animal Jim, and all the other legends raced in his living room while growing up.

Gene has been through Mustangs, Fairlanes, Fairmonts, and even a season in Terri's Capri 5.0 until they finally decided on the FlashBack Futura. The Futura was purchased in 1988 for $250 and came complete with a blown up 6 cylinder at the time. It took only two weeks to totally strip the car and then three years later it finally made it's first pass down the quarter mile. It was well worth the wait.... between the Points Series and the Fall series they've finished first NINE times and runner-upped FOUR times! The Glory Days Racing Team has had everything from 17 second time slips down to the 9 second zone and the miles per hour have climbed from 76 to over 135 in the quarter mile.

They've won an All-Star Bracket Series Event, a Castrol GTX Series event, a National Ford event, and were winners of the IHRA Summer Nationals. Most recently they've claimed their first win in the NMCA Edelbrock World's Fastest Street Car Racing Series. They've claimed the Championship in the Midwest Open Comp Series FOUR times and Runner-upped ONCE as well.

The teams' current record is 741 Round Wins which include:
78 wins / 43 runner-ups / 39 semi-finals / 44 quarter-final finishes.
This is truly a team effort and Gene is quick to point out in his monthly newsletters that he sends out to his supporters and friends.... words like "we" and "us" can be found throughout, the team has many friends who've helped out over the years and everyone's help has been very appreciated.

The current team consists of Terri Bohnsack, Scott Birlingmair, Dwayne Thompson, and of course Gene Hinders.

Gene "FlashBack" with the Legends of drag racing:
"Animal" Jim and Arnie "The Farmer" ... AWESOME!!